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TEDx Event – Odessa

June 22, 2012

No, I’m not joking!

TEDx, for those thinkers amongst you who are prepared to entertain viewing the world through a different lens and contemplating how it could be, have brought some truly memorable presentations to us all:

There are TEDx presentations by people I know such as Charles Crawford, part of whose empire I have written about previously:

Well, TEDx is coming to Odessa on 24th June, again with speakers who I know, talking on the theme of how to combine tradition and technology for development.  Blimey!

The event will be held in the White Acacia conference room at 59 Fransuski Boulevard.

For those visiting Odessa who may wonder what the point would be in attending, as it will all be in a foreign language, I can assure you that at least part of it will be in English, as there is certainly one speaker, who despite many years working in Russia and Ukraine, will present in English as he hasn’t really bothered to learn the local lingo!

Anyway, full details and rouges gallery of speakers can be found here.

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