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New EU Human Trafficking Strategy 2012 – 2016 (& Ukraine)

June 21, 2012

Here is a fairly long read.  The EU Human Trafficking Strategy 2012 – 2016, as published on 19th June.

It is also, to be fair, a very ambitious document and quite right too.  As it is my pet human rights subject that draws my ire, for me the bar cannot be set high enough even if in setting the bar so high the EU Member States will fall slightly short of it.  There is no point in having something that is all too easily attainable, a tick in the box is given, and the issue filed under “Done”.

Whilst the majority of the responsibility to combat human trafficking naturally lays with the Member States and their domestic agencies, encouraging the mentioned “third countries”, which presumably will be nations such as Turkey and Ukraine as transit routes (extract from the US State Dept Trafficking in Humans Report 2012 released the same day as the EU strategy document), notwithstanding the nations from which the victims are trafficked, will take the collective mass of the EU and EU liaison entities to be as effective as possible.

It remains to be seen just how sincere this strategy will be by placing the victims first and foremost though.

Relying on a readmission to simply dump those trafficked via Ukraine back in Ukraine, or Turkey back in Turkey, and washing EU hands of them thereafter, other than to bemoan the human rights of those returned by the EU to the maladministration of the transit nations hardly seems to sit well with the spirit this strategy wants to convey of prioritising the victim.

Let’s see how this develops over the next few years, not only against the timetable in the document, but also in just how the EU and the Member States deal with the trafficked victims once they are discovered.

After all, the same victims being trafficked, discovered, removed and trafficked once more is not that uncommon and that hardly puts the victims first as this strategy suggests.

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