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A description of a democratic EU

June 19, 2012

Not exactly anything to do with Ukraine, unless you want to compare democratic deficits which as I have previously written is just political fluff to divert attention from issues closer to home when politicians do so, here is Martin Schulz, President of the European Parliament,  outlining a 10 point plan to make the EU democratic.

As this 10 point plan contains absolutely nothing new or groundbreaking when it comes to democracy as most people would understand it, you have to ask just how the EU institutions ever wandered so far from a democratic path (whilst preaching democracy).

It is little wonder than the EU’s friends in Russia and Ukraine are pleading with it to practice what it preaches if it wants any credence when pointing the finger at Yanukovych and Putin etc.

I don’t really think I need to write any more than that!

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