Nobel Prize speech – Aung San Suu Kyi

June 18, 2012

Now I, like most people, have listened to many, many speeches.  Like some, I have even given a few, normally penned by myself, so apologies to those who have ever sat through one, small though your number be.

(If, for some reason your are seeking at top drawer speech, do contact Charles Crawford, a man who has written some very famous speeches indeed.)

Anyway, with an interest in human rights, human rights campaigners and thus Aung San Suu Kyi, I listened into her very belated acceptance speech for her 1991 Nobel Peace Prize a few days ago.  Very well delivered and quite captivating when all is said and done.

One wonders, if Ms Tymoshenko wins the Nobel Peace Prize that she is nominated for, could deliver such a speech.  Thus far, aside from the obvious plagerism of Vaclav Havel in her Christmas message from her cell, she has yet to come close to such a balanced speech – ever.

That said, she has yet to win it and there are certainly more worthy potential winners, even as close to home as Belarus to my mind, before looking globally.

Nevertheless, a very good speech by Aung San Suu Kyi, which is the entire reason for this post.


  1. Ring, ring …. ring, ring…

    “Hello Satan?
    “Yes, this is Satan the real Prince of Darkness not that phony Ozzy…what can I do for you?’
    “Mr. Satan, is it snowing in Hell?”
    Looks out window … “No sir it is not snowing in Hell, nor do I plan to allow it to. Why?”
    “Oh, just checking to see if Yulia Tymoshenko is gonna win a Nobel Peace Prize.”
    “Ahhh no, no snowballs today, please tell Ms. T that we have her seat reserved here, we’ll be waiting….”
    “Thank you Mr. Satan have a great day!”
    “Yes, thank you, today is Hawaiian Shirt Day in Hell, party for everyone.”

    Well, you heard it here first. No snowballs in Hell. I can keep my skis in my closet.

    • It depends what is politically expedient for those that influence the Nobel Committee. (EU pressure possibly). Although I agree there should be snowballs in hell before she should win.

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