Euro 2012 – Human Trafficking

June 12, 2012

As most of you dear readers will know, when it comes to human rights, my particular area of interest fueled by a serious dislike for the practice, is human trafficking in all its forms.  Be it human trafficking for sexual exploitation, slave labour or simply gross profiteering from illegal immigration with no end exploitation  for those transfered nefariously over national borders.

Anyway, Euro 2012 held jointly with one EU nation, Poland, and one non- EU nation, Ukraine, presents a prime opportunity to traffic people across borders amongst the hundreds of thousands of fans flitting between nations and stadiums.

An issue and nefarious opportunity not lost on the authorities or traffickers of course.

In order to try and combat human trafficking during the tournament, Frontex will be working closely with the border services of Ukraine and Poland, deploying their people within the hosting nations.

One wonders if there will be an increase in detections rates during this period, whether the trafficker will find alternative routes knowing of the additional staffing and scrutiny, or whether human trafficking will be kept to the usual normative figures that occur anyway.

It would be very interesting to see a post-tournament report, not only for the statistics but also an overarching report covering cooperation, logistics, procedures and general Frontex/Ukrainian relations and liaison.

In the meantime, anyone coming into Ukraine during the tournament, be it by air, rail, road or sea, do feel free to drop me a line if you happen to notice any Frontex personnel or change in the attitude of the Ukrainian border services whilst under additional scrutiny from their EU peers.

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