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Structural and contents insurance – Odessa

June 7, 2012

It is not often I write something that promotes a commercial company (in either a positive or negative light) – but –

In the decade I have been here I have insured my car, every house I have built (prior to sale) and every apartment I own with the same company.  I have only ever had to claim once when a young man decided to try and park his car inside mine at a set of traffic lights.  The issue was dealt with and repairs done within 3 days between the insurance company and main car dealer.  No messing about and no problems!

Yesterday, having now moved to my rather nice place by the sea in Arcadia, it was time to insure the new home.  Naturally I went to the same company, Oranta, but not to the office I have historically used on Kosmonavtov but to the office on Fantanskaya Doroga which is now much closer to where I now live.

The good people at the office as Kosmonavtov have been the same faces for the past decade with no staff turnover whatsoever – alway a good sign – and remember me well a I am probably the only British client they have had (consistently for the past decade anyway).  I am also probably the only person who has had 4 properties insured with them in to the US$ value of millions per property simultaneously with them as well (having built them and  whilst waiting for them to sell).

Anyway, yesterday afternoon I called into the Oranta office on Fantanskaya Doroga, who are not used to me, foreigners in general, or people wanting all encompassing,  completely fully comprehensive insurance for structural and contents insurance.

When stating I wanted said insurance, the (ever so helpful as it turned out) lady promptly stated they had a deal at the moment and for UAH 75 per annum I could get such insurance that would pay out UAH 4000 in event of a problem.

I then explained that such a sum was far, far too small and stated I needed all encompassing structural and contents insurance that would run into many UAH millions.  (That is not as much as you think – Divide by 8 for US$ and 12.75 for Sterling).

“Millions?”  She said somewhat in shock whilst picking up the telephone to make a call to check that such a figure can be insured.

I then rapidly explained that Oranta did indeed provide insurance to such a sum as the Kosmonavtov office had done it numerous times historically – so she called them.

When they asked who and she told them my name, one of the good chaps from the Kosmonavtov office told her to arrange to visit me at home and they would come with her yesterday evening (and also thank me for another foreigner I had referred to them previously – something that I don’t remember doing but whoever it was went and said that I had recommended them).

A time of 6pm was arranged and quite unbelievably for Ukraine, at 5.55pm the arrived.  Not only on time but 5 minutes before time.  As a Brit, 5 minutes before is exactly on time!

Photographs, forms completed, signatures and stamps, payment and receipt made all at home (no come to the office tomorrow nonsense as is often the case here as “the company stamp” is not allowed out of the office) and all singing, all dancing, all encompassing insurance was mine at the value I had guessed at and they quoted without any prompting from me.

The cost of the said insurance?  UAH 5030 for the year.

Very hard to critise the service, the cost, or the timekeeping.  Almost as though I wasn’t in Ukraine!

Still, mustn’t grumble!

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