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Global Vice Index, Ukrainian rankings and Sunday’s statistical fun

May 6, 2012

Time for something light-hearted and frivolous despite the seriousness of the intended subject.

What do you get when you mash together World Heath Organisation, Tobacco Atlas, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, and the Global Betting and Gaming Consultants statistics?

The answer is the Bloomberg Global Vice Index, a fairly flawed academic and cumbersome manipulation of statistics to reach an international “vice league” if ever there was one.  Not to mention a rather misleading title as it includes only 57 nations from almost 200 on the planet due to the availability of statistics.

So, of the Bloomberg  Global 57 nation  Vice Index, where does Ukraine sit?  The answer is a lowly 17th when all statistics have been mangled, making Ukraine more virtuous than half of Europe, the US, UK and Australia.

My family will be pleased that upon emigrating from the UK to Ukraine all those years ago, I now live in a more virtuous nation than the one I left!  (The UK ranks 15th according to the Bloomberg Vice Index, debauched cesspit that it apparently is.)

The full global 57 nation league table and statistics can be found here, although if there are any statistics there worthy of note, skip page 1 which is Bloomberg’s less than academic model to arrive at its “Global Vice Index” and go to pages 2 and 3 which detail rankings in specific categories of “vice”.

I wonder if there is a “Worst Use of Statistical Data Index”?  If so, where do we think Bloomberg would come on the basis of their Global Vice Index?

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