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RADA to vote on removal of MPs immunity

May 4, 2012

I really hope you are all sat down when reading this.

It appears that the turkeys are at least prepared to consider voting for Christmas.

That’s right, the RADA and its MPs are considering a vote to remove their own immunity this month.

Having long berated, lambasted, condemned, lamented and every other word of similar meaning, the current state of affairs which allows all RADA MPs to do pretty much anything they want without any fear of being held accountable for it,  whatever the reasons for this vote actually taking place, and it is of course for the purposes of populism with an election drawing near, I have to welcome the fact this vote is going to happen at all.

For the sake of rule of law, democracy and equality, I truly hope that there will be enough MPs with the balls to vote this through and for it to become law.

It make not remove the patriarchal systems that operate in Ukraine,  it may not remove the corruption and cover-ups within the biggest private business club in Ukraine (the RADA), but it will certainly remove one of the biggest get out of jail free cards currently used with impunity by each and every one of them when it suits.

It will, legally if not in practice, remove a tier of society that was literally above the law.  The short term effects may be minimal, indeed they may even be counterproductive when the removal of individuals immunity leaves them open for selective persecution/prosecution, but ultimately, in the long term, this is a positive and much needed step for Ukraine despite any short term and individual pain that may lay ahead.

Do I dare dream that such an important step will be taken?  Could this actually happen?

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