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Keeping promises –

May 1, 2012

OK.  Today we take a break from policies, politics, human rights, civil liberties etc.  There is no need to, there is more than sufficient activity (or inactivity) generated within Ukraine, or externally affecting Ukraine, to write five or ten posts a day most days.  I simply choose one each day.

Today though I keep a promise to Julien, the founder of Expat-blog, which is an umbrella website occupied by a large number of Expat/Immigrant blogs from around the world.  In amongst this global treasure trove of Expat tips, trials and tribulations, this blog is a small part.

Anyway, Julien emailed me and asked me to draw attention to the new housing and jobs sections, which if you click on those links, should take you to those in Ukraine.

I have absolutely no idea how good, bad or indifferent the information in those sections are as I do not need housing or a job in Ukraine.  I have been here far too long to need help with either.  Therefore I can offer no opinion and of course cannot vouch for the integrity of any content within those sections.  Any comments you may have should be directed towards Julien at Expat-blog and not me.

However, this post now keeps my promise to Julien and Expat-blog.  Even if you have no interest in housing or jobs, it is still well worth poking around in the darker corners of that website simply to see if life as an Expat/immigrant in country X is how you thought it would be.

After all, if you are reading my blog, and an average of a thousand people a day do, then you’ll read just about anything.  Amongst those on Expat-blog you are certain to find some that are written in a far superior fashion and manage to put together something like coherent thoughts. – That will make a nice change for you all compared to my random ruminations!

Tomorrow, back to the usual issues you expect to find here at Odessablog.

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