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The Rule of P, Day of the Dead and EU Humanitarian Volunteers

April 23, 2012

Before you all get too excited, there is no direct connection between the Rule of P (Planning and Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance), the day of the dead and the EU Humanitarian Volunteers.  There may very well be a direct connection between the Rule of P and the EU Humanitarian Volunteer service but I couldn’t say one way or another.

Yesterday there was a direct connection between the Rule of P  and the day of the dead in Ukraine where all visit deceased relatives the first Sunday after Easter.  That connection was me.  I forgot, was unprepared to spend the day in a graveyard, and thus you have this shambolic blog entry quickly written this morning instead of the day before posting as is normally the case.

I had intended to look in detail at the EU Humanitarian Volunteer services which are still embryonic and haven’t even decided on a name despite being in existence, on paper at least (and a few pilot schemes) since the Lisbon Treaty came into force years ago.

Anyway, having fallen foul of the Rule of P, I will leave you to explore the website of the EU Humanitarian Volunteers (or whatever it will eventually be called) for yourselves.

What?  You didn’t know the EU had a humanitarian volunteers service?  Well how could you, nobody knows what to call it yet!

Now to write something for tomorrow and return to the comfort of writing a day in advance adhering  to the Rule of P once more.

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