Conspiracy, enigma, myth or political maneuvering – Yushenko poisoning case to close

April 7, 2012

Many modern intrigues have sprouted since Ukraine became independent.  Some are myths, some genuine  conspiracies, some manufactured conspiracies, much is half truths and most is subject to political spin and maneuvering either by originating source or a very biased media.

One of Ukraine’s modern day puzzles remains the alleged dioxin poisoning of ex-President Yushenko during the election campaign of 2004/5.

Throughout his subsequent presidency it was the official Ukrainian position that he had been poisoned and details were released alleging the dioxin levels in his blood were somewhere in the region of 50,000 times higher than the normal levels.

If that sounds outrageously high and you would think there would be a peer review of such results from the Swiss toxicologist responsible for the tests, well naturally there was no peer review.  It is claimed a further set of tests were carried out by Ukrainian doctors in 2005.  Apparently dioxins will always leave a trace in the blood stream as long as you live.  That at least is the claim, but I am no doctor.

Now you would think the Ukrainian blood tests would confirm or deny the Swiss findings, but they have not been made public and have since mysteriously disappeared.  None of this matters of course when the injured party is President and therefore sets their own poisoning as the official position of the State and infers those responsible are in Russia.

It does start to matter when they are not reelected with a criminal case into their poisoning left open after they leave office.  Open cases cannot simply be ignored because there is a change of president, government or both.

Despite popular belief, it was in fact President Yushenko’s administration that opened the case against Ms Tymoshenko just before he left office over the 2009 gas deal.  It was also his administration when on better terms with her that closed the UESU case against her when she became Prime Minister back in 2005 that had been opened under the ex-President Kuchma administration after (and despite) her business partner and previous Ukrainian Prime Minister Lazarenko was jailed in the USA for various money laundering and dishonesty offences via Ms Tymoshenko’s companies.

That case has now been reopened and goes to court very soon.

Anyway, with no peer review on the Swiss tests and the said tests not being offered up for peer review, the mysterious loss of Ukrainian tests from 2005, and a criminal case that remains open, there would be one obvious thing left to do if it is indeed a fact that dioxins forever leave a trace in the blood.  Ex-President Yushenko simply takes another blood test to prove (or not) the existence of trace dioxins in his blood.

However, it seems despite many requests for a blood test since leaving office, ex-President Yushenko refuses to provide one and has been quoted as saying he wants “to close that chapter” in his life in 2011.  Very well, it is his decision to close that chapter in his life, but that does not close the criminal case he opened.  The criminal case can be closed but it will remain unresolved and somewhat lacking in blood test/toxicology corroborated evidence.  Blood evidence in allegations of poisoning would seem rather crucial to me.

(It seems very few politicians want to provide blood tests in Ukraine.  Despite her apparent poor health, Ms Tymoshenko also refuses to provide one to doctors.  Maybe somebody should tell them that as yet, a corruption gene has not be identified by scientists so their past nefarious activities will not come to light through a blood test.)

So, as Yushenko wants to close that chapter on his life (or so he says) and refuses to provide a blood test that would confirm or deny the traces of dioxin, considering lost Ukrainian tests and uncorroborated and unsubstantiated tests from Switzerland that nobody else has seen, there appears to be a choice between leaving the criminal case open forever with an uncooperative victim or closing it through lack of evidence.

The Prosecutor Generals Office has decided on the latter. That does not mean it cannot be reopened, but it would appear they have nothing more they can do in the present circumstances.  In doing so, yet another modern Ukrainian political/criminal intrigue will continue to live on unresolved.

I suppose there is no more political mileage in the story any longer for anybody.

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