It’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs competition time!

March 29, 2012

OK – Stop what you are doing, go find your colouring books, paints and pencils, and put your creative thinking caps on!

Quite unusually for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, it is seeking public participation.

It encourages designs/logos to be submitted by the very skillful and arty people of Ukraine in readiness for the  Ukrainian OCSE presidency during 2013.  The winning design will be on the boards behind speakers during interviews, leaflets, tags, visual displays etc.

Proposals should be sent to the Directorate of Information Policy MFA of Ukraine (concurrence@ukr.net) before 31st May 2011 marked in the subject line “Contest – logo OSCE.”

Any entry must incorporate the existing OSCE logo shown below:

Now I did throw this out to a few friends yesterday, so they have a head start, however thus far suggestions have been similar to this one – “A crazy dishonest woman with a braid behind bars, while a semi-literate buffoonish thug looms over her waving his fists and an oligarch is in the background pocketing the competition prize money!” – Wonderful imagery, but I suspect not quite the imagery hoped for or indeed likely to win.

Maybe those considering a design should ponder over the very real likelihood that OSCE, in October 2012, is likely to say the Ukrainian parliamentary elections were not free and fair and then shortly afterwards, Ukraine takes up the presidency of the condemning organisation? – No again, probably the wrong imagery.
Now whilst the Euro 2012 tournament flowery logo is certainly far better than the London Olympic condom logo, I am not particularly fond of either.  Indeed, would the soft and fluffy imagery for these sporting events even be appropriate for OSCE?
Should a designer have any consideration for possible winners of the parliamentary elections in October 2012?  Would the colour orange be diplomatically naive to slip into the design if you hope to win, or not?
Maybe a designer should simply over-impose the OSCE logo on a background of St Sophia’s?  Why not?  It’s not as though many beautiful buildings in Ukraine have been aesthetically ruined by neon or illuminated advertising unscrupulously attached without any thought.
Borrow the cleavages of two FEMEN ladies and simply write OSCE across them on a one letter per breast basis?  Again probably not a winning concept.
Imagery and symbolism  – Something mankind has struggled with since it managed to draw pictures on cave walls.  Particularly so when art is not for art’s sake.
Anyway, get doodling, get your creative juices flowing, and let us hope for something slightly more appropriate than has so far managed to appear in my mind.
Now I’m off to buy more poster paint and carve patterns in some potatoes and see what I can come up with!


  1. Wow, 10 years of corporate advertising and design … and all I can think of is salo and beer. Good thing the deadline is 2 months away.

    • Beer and salo seems far more creative than my carved potato shapes and poster paints!

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