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Missing words game – Fill in the blanks and guess the nation

March 7, 2012

Well dear readers, it is not often I indulge you in something more taxing than simply reading my daily mutterings, but today you get the chance to fill in the blanks to complete a recent article.

There is no prize and no real reason for doing it, other than the self satisfaction of putting the right names in the right places.

Here we go:

??????? ex-PM’s trial opens over ??????? crisis 

???????‘s ex-prime minister ??????????? went on trial Monday over ??? role in the ???????????????????????????? that brought ??? country to its knees, becoming the first political leader to be tried over ?????????????????????????.

“I reject all accusations, and believe there is no basis for them,” ??????????, told the court as ??? took the stand.

??? pointed out that “this is the first time I get a chance to answer questions regarding this case”, adding: “I hail the fact that I get to answer questions in the case.” ????????, who headed the ??????????????? Party and held the reins of government from mid-20?? to early 20?? when ??? coalition was ousted amid ??????????????????????, has previously dismissed the case as a farce.

??? is being tried by ????????????, a never-before used special court for ????????????????.

??? was one of four politicians blamed in a 2010 report for contributing to ???????‘s stunning financial ????????, when ?????????????????????.

But parliament voted in September 2010 that ??? was the only one who should be tried on charges related to the ????????????? that spawned a fiery diplomatic row ??????????? and the ??.

In October, the court ????????????????????.

Parliament has since the beginning of the year been debating whether to drop all charges and call off the trial against ???????????, but finally voted last week to allow the proceedings to go ahead.

The trial, which is set to last until ???????????, is being held at ?????????????????????, chosen because it is large enough to house the proceedings and ?????????????.

So how did you do?

Who is this politically persecuted individual in an obviously politically selective trial of which parliament can but will not stop?

Surprisingly for those who took the obvious answers and have inserted Ms Tymoshenko, Ukraine, the RADA etc, they are all quite WRONG!

The answer is here.

Time to get out all those old EU communiques expressing concern, threatening integration suspension and delete Ukraine and insert appropriately on the grounds of political and selective persecution over decisions made in public office?  Well they are noticeable by their absence!

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