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Batkivshchyna Party almost pennyless?

March 1, 2012

Now it may or may not be a blow to the Batkivshchyna party to have Ms Tymoshenko in jail, time will tell.

After all a martyr at the next elections may be the only thing that makes them more popular than the current government.  In an opinion poll I saw last week Ms Tymoshenko’s party were 2% ahead of the current government but within the margin of error.  Both parties well below 20% support and both in a significantly worse position than in any recent historical elections.

That said, polls so far from elections really don’t mean anything other than a gauge of voter unhappiness with the choices that lay ahead of them, or a current gauge of voter disfranchisement.  Polling figures today will have no resemblance to those as the October elections get closer or indeed exit polls on the day.

Whether Ms Tymoshenko being in jail will ultimately be an asset or deficit to her party at election time remains to be seen.

What is far more concerning as far as the opposition and the Batkivshchyna Party in particular is concerned, is this statement by the First Deputy Leader of the party, Olexandr Turchynov relating to party funds.

Even with a united opposition of sorts, can the Batkivshchyna Party put on a reasonable campaign or contribute its fair share to a united campaign if funding is a concern in February of an election year?

Realistically with such dismal polling figures as of last week, is there any hope of significant funding for the party from the public as Mr Turchynov appeals for?  (Particularly in what everybody knows is likely to be an economically very difficult year.)

Is the biggest threat to a democratic election (as far as the biggest opposition party goes) no longer a question of whether Ms Tymnoshenko is in jail or not, but one of financial ability to compete?

Maybe it is just a financial result of moving from majority to minority thief in the RADA – Such is democracy!

Existing party donors may also be asking, where has all the money gone in the weeks and months ahead?

Money talks!

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