Social projects contests – Odessa City

February 22, 2012

Well, over at the Odessa City website there is a competition for social projects for the city.


Well actually, not that great.

You would think that as the City is holding the competition, the winners who have the most viable scheme would have their scheme implemented by the City.  What an ultimate outcome for anybody putting in the time and considerable effort to come up with effective strategies to deal with some of the City’s biggest social problems, and given the enormous amount of negative PR the Odessa Mayor has had, what a perfect opportunity to go some way to turning that around

You would of course be quite wrong.

The social policies the people of Odessa are invited to look at are all indeed very worthy:

The contest started on February 6, 2012, and the deadline for applying is set on March 6, 2012.  Prize money comes from the City budget.

– social protection of invalids and their social and psychological rehabilitation;
– fighting homelessness, kids neglect and homelessness;
– AIDS, HIV-infection and drug addiction prevention in Odessa;
– assisting employment and active longevity of the elderly people;
– social servicing of the gravely ill (at home and in hospitals);
– assisting the development populations self-organization in Odessa;
– solving youths social problems;
– creating the necessary conditions for preservation the national originality and ethnic identity of Odessa’s national and cultural communities;
– assisting the activity of veterans social associations and social protection of their members;
– increasing the importance and social status of invalids social associations in the society, protection of rights and fundamental liberties of their members;
– ecological problems of social direction.

Sadly, rather than the City implementing any winning social project, in actual fact, for the winners there is a prize fund of UAH 850,000 ($106,250) of which a maximum of UAH 75,000 ($9375) will go to any individual winning project.  One can only question, with such major social projects as these, just how much difference the paltry maximum prize of  $9375 will make to any of the projects.

Of course I appreciate such projects are always happy to receive funds from where ever they may come from.  I also acknowledge that some effort has gone in to this announcement and to try and invigorate the community in the social development of the city.  All quite right, all very civic minded and all should be actively welcomed – and I do welcome it in so far as it goes.

The issue, such as I have one, relates to the awards relative to the extremely hard work required to put together a sensible project that can be effectively implemented with a maximum known revenue stream of a singular payment of $9375.

Now I have several ideas that could, with some effort, be submitted by the deadline.  In fact I have had ideas adopted by the City via the old Mayor.  What I do not have time for is running such projects, at least for the next 12 months, due to other commitments.

What I will no doubt end up doing,   during what I hope will be a slower period for me this summer, is submitting them via a neighbour who happens to be a politician and allowing him to take the political brownie points outside the scope of this City sponsored competition.

Anyway enough of my muttering, all you civic minded readers, there is the competition, what can you do to improve the society you live in?

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  1. We could use those projects in Bila Tserkov where I live also.

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