Russian soft power in Ukraine

January 30, 2012

Ever wonder why the EU, which possesses nothing but soft power (when it can agree internally to use it), struggles when up against Russian soft power in Ukraine?

Well here is one of the most perceptive pieces of writing on the subject I have read in the last decade.

My cap is necessarily doffed, and I admirably defer to the authors Alexander Bogomolov and Oleksandr Lytvynenko.  There is really nothing more to say other than it is a wonderful piece of work and very worthy of your time to read!

Tomorrow, we stick with a similar academic theme, this time looking at EU soft power and Ukraine (amongst others).

Although it would be reasonable to place it in this post to give additional context and perspective with the above link, I have given my solemn oath  as a gentleman not to discuss it or link to the advanced copy of the report sent to a few selected blogs and journalists (so humbling to be chosen) a few days ago, prior to its official publication.

To quote the accompanying text that came with the document ” Please note that this is embargoed until 31. Jan – so please do not publish anything related to it before this date!”

Therefore you will have to wait until tomorrow as I never break my word or betray a confidence.  It is though, like the above link, a very interesting read!

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