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Playing with Ukrainian bureaucracy today – I may be some time!

January 12, 2012

This may be the last post for quite some time, as today I enter the world of Ukrainian bureaucracy in an effort to draw a line under all outstanding matters from 2011.

First up are the tax authorities as I believe they have miscalculated and I owe them money, and then to attempt to make the required statutory pension contribution relating to Ukrainian based business activities in 2011.

It is my intention to attempt to do both in a single day.  This is not necessarily a wise thing to try even for those with a steely determination forged by a decade of taking on Slavic administrations.   To accomplish a single act in one day should always be considered a victory equal to that of Waterloo.

Nevertheless I set forth today to attempt the improbable.

To employ the quote attributed to Captain Oates by Captain Scott on a similarly ill-fated expedition – “I am just going outside and maybe some time”!

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