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Simplified business procedures or a discombobulated mess as ususal?

January 8, 2012

Well, the good news?  The RADA is to consider and probably pass two new laws making it easier to set up business entities in Ukraine free of charge.

Hurrah and huzzah!

The bad news?  Well I refer you to my post from a few days ago.  Has anybody told the State Registrar?  If they have, does the State Registrar know what to do?  Has anybody told the Pensions, Tax and Statistics agencies?

Will there be sound instruction and quality communication between the brain and the vital organs involved or will everything be discombobulated as usual when any changes occur to any administrative procedures in Ukraine?

(I still think “discombobulated” is such a brilliant sounding word. – It should be used far more often!)

You really have to hedge your bets on the side of discombobulation (used it again – wonderful!)

Another small matter is that is has never actually been that difficult to open a business in Ukraine……but try closing one!

Further to this, a seemingly good step in the right direction is this announcement that the government will no longer charge for copies of certain legal licenses when they are required and even better, regional administrations will be able to issue them rather than everything going through the bottle neck that is Kyiv.

Indeed – discombobulation comes to mind yet again not to mention the ability for regional fiefdoms to engage in nefarious and corrupt acts with once solely centrally issued and coordinated licensing.

Once again you have the very real fear of an effective and good policy suffering from in effective implementation with counterproductive results at least in the immediate term.  That poses the question, what period of time must pass for a policy to be seen as effective, ineffective or counterproductive?  What starts off as one may end with another and may not always follow a smooth of linear track.

Anyway, good policy should not be thrown out because the best policy is not attainable straight away and as far as these policies go and the intention behind them are concerned, they are good policies.  Thereafter when it comes to implementation and actual results, we shall have to wait and see.

A step, in theory and principle, in the right direction at least.  However a far better policy where practical, given the excessive and out-dated Ukrainian statue book, is a new law in, two old ones out (or at least one out and another brought into the post-Soviet era).

Too much to ask?

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