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Kharkiv Human Rights NGO Petition

January 6, 2012

Now it is not my place to try and influence you good readers on any matters.  I write what I think and bring to your attention what I consider to be the most interesting happenings in Ukraine on any particular day.  You form your own opinions.

I know full well from our twitterings, my much admired twitter followers and emails, some of you good readers are indeed diplomats (past or present), academics and political scientists, political lecturers and generally fit the label of “the enlightened”.  I doff my cap to one and all quite humbly.

Many other readers do not fit such an intellectual label by qualification, although they may very well do so in many other regards.  Life dictates that not all readers have had the time, opportunity or finance to pursue the relevant Doctorates or careers to officially be allocated such a label as “enlightened”.  To you all I am sincerely grateful for your time and input when reading my ruminations and we shall try and make sense of the seemingly often nonsensical all around us.  We can become a little illuminated if not completely enlightened.

However, whilst it is not my intention to influence any reader over the content or principle within this link to the current Kharkiv Human Rights NGO petition to the President of Ukraine in an effort to sign it or not, I shall with all good conscience bring it to your attention and allow you all to make your own decisions and conclusions as always.

As with all petitions, some may take issue with the exact wording and there will some amongst the existing signatories with whom you may normally have differing views, but being the wise people you are, I would invite you to judge the petition upon the core principles alone.

Now that done, tomorrow is Christmas in Ukraine so we return to more mundane discombobulated policy and implementation once again…….or I may have a day off.

(Discombobulate – A word I really must try to use more often – Isn’t it a great word?)

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