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Seeing out 2011 – Top 5 most read posts of the year

December 31, 2011

As seems to be en vogue, I will see out 2011 with a list of the top 5 most read posts of the year from Odessablog.

Counting down from five to the most read at number one, at number five we have a tale of a standard day in the most elite and nefarious business club in Ukraine – The RADA.

The fourth most read post was relating to the Ukrainian traffic, planning going forwards and whether it compliments the EU plan.

At three, rather surprisingly given the amount of time before it happens, is a ditty relating to Fans Embassies for the Euro 2012 football championships.

The second most read post of the year was one written in Russian and was indeed shameless advertising for ADRg Ambassadors.  It was written in Russian deliberately to raise the profile of this organisation on the Cyriliic search engines.  With some success looking at the number of page reads.

The most read post of 2011?  Quite probably hit by many of the globe’s conspiracy theorists accidentally, related to “The Grand Plan”.  To be fair, they won’t have been too disappointed, particularly if they hit the link to a talk by Noam Chomsky.

Although I have a soft spot for them all (of course, I wrote them), my personal favourite happens to be my somewhat critical look at NGOs and their role in Ukraine.  Unfortunately it falls outside the top five read posts of the year, so it is with author’s and editor’s privilege I link to it again.  So there!

(A caveat to the blog entry at number 5 is that this entry relating to the recent statement from Baroness Ashton’s office may well over take it by the end of the day.  Its link got a huge re-tweeting that continues to drive up those who have read it.)

Anyway, thank you one and all first reading my ruminations over the year.  As always I will strive to keep you interested in 2012 although with so much happening in Ukraine next year, it is unlikely I will be short of events and issues to mutter about.

I hope each and every one of you readers has a happy, healthy and where possible wealthy year ahead.

If my writing has given you the impression I am a sandwich short of a full picnic to live in here, I can say in good faith Odessa and Ukraine are really pretty good places to hang your hat permanently.

(Well you can always turn the sound off if it’s not your type of music!)

Happy New Year!

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