Stolen cars, Ministers, Rivalries, Tenders & Conflicted Interests – Just another day in the Ukrainian RADA

December 22, 2011

Some stories have everything you would expect of a tale relating to Ukrainian politicians and this story in Der Speigel is a microcosm for a normal day in the most exclusive business club in Ukraine – The Ukrainian Parliament.

There is really nothing missing from this story.  A law passed several years ago which may have been well intended, but leaves the door open to serious international organised criminality of which the Ukrainian State may very well be intended as the receiver of stolen goods at the time of theft, rather than the rightful and lawful confiscator of stolen goods has been exposed as poorly thought out.

Nothing new in that.  Causal effects and logical thinking are alien to the vast majority of Ukrainian politicians.  They are simply too stupid to understand the consequences of their action in the majority of cases.  The law maybe blind, but far too many Ukrainian politicians who create and pass laws are deaf, dumb, blind and stupid metaphorically speaking.

Next in the story, we have the top Justice Minister being chauffeured around in a Mercedes GL420  allegedly stolen in Germany and put to work under the law passed a few years ago.

The story is leaked to the press by a parliamentarian of the ruling party (the same party as the Justice Minister) because they are both rivals for a Government contract worth $ billions soon to be allocated.  The government of course composed of their own party.  As usual politics and business are one and the same thing in the Ukrainian parliament and ever has it been since Ukraine gained independence.

The RADA is a whirlpool of business interests not politics unless you count the politics of personal business interests. Declaring personal interest, conflicts of interests and the separation of business and politics is simply not how Ukraine has ever done things.

Undoubtedly there is not going to be any change in a law that legalises the appropriation of property stolen elsewhere when it is seized on Ukrainian territory rather than have to return from whence it was stolen.  That is especially so if it happens to be top of the range vehicles.

Given that most if not all Ukrainian politicians spent $ millions buying their seat in the RADA in the first place, such perks are a return on their money, over and above furthering their business interests and absolute immunity from the law by being members of the most elite business club in Ukraine – The Ukrainian Parliament.

This story has very little missing from the every day shenanigans we have come to expect.


  1. […] down from five to the most read at number one, at number five we have a tale of a standard day in the most elite and nefarious business club in Ukraine – […]

  2. […] down from five to the most read at number one, at number five we have a tale of a standard day in the most elite and nefarious business club in Ukraine – […]

  3. A sex scandal would round it out. Then add TV production crew to follow the government officials around make a new reality TV series of Survivor Ukraine.

    • Is there such a thing as a sex scandal for politicians in Ukraine? Nobody has ever cared before if they are caught having affairs or dumping their wives for a far younger model.

      That said, I suppose if the sex scandal involved a village goat, then that is certainly missing!

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