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Ukrainian social orientation moving towards EU norms

December 18, 2011

Well there are just so many wonderfully colourful titles that could be used for this post.  “Ukrainian social decay moving towards EU norms” or “Ukrainian society meets EU norms where successive Ukrainian governments have failed” etc.

In a recent report  from the Yaremenko Institute for Social Research it just goes to show that regardless of any diplomacy and negotiations between the EU and Ukrainian governments over the years, the Ukrainian society is moving steadily towards EU norms with or without agreements, read missions, partnerships, memberships or any other official documentation.

Indeed, the report titled “The transformation of the value orientations of modern young people over the period of its independence”   identified the number of Ukrainians “living in sin” (as my Mum would say) and producing children out of wedlock (see label in link) is increasing and doing its best to catch up with the EU.

It still has a very long way to go as the EU is doing it’s very best, having surpassed 1 in 3, to produce 1 in 2 children outside of marriage and despite the Ukrainian society’s very best efforts to meet EU norms, it manages only 1 in 5.

One can only hope that the EU recognises the great strides towards EU parity that the young Ukrainians are making and a suitably encouraging communique or official press release is forthcoming!

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