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Yanukovych – “Independent judiciary essential”

December 16, 2011

Sometimes it is necessary not only to put up a link, or to quote sections from it in support.  Sometimes it is necessary to put up a link and quote it in full in order to make a point:

Independent judiciary major mechanism of observance of human rights and freedoms
President Viktor Yanukovych believes that an independent judiciary is a major mechanism of observance of human rights and freedoms in Ukraine.

“An independent judiciary, subject only to the law, is a major mechanism of observance of democratic rights and freedoms of the citizens,” reads Yanukovych’s message on the occasion of the Day of Court Officials, posted on the official website of the head of state. The president emphasized that maintaining the social stability, peace and quiet, reliable protection of Ukrainians from lawlessness and injustice depends largely on the honest work and unbiased high-skilled judges.

I agree absolutely with the President.  The question is therefore, when is he (unlike his predecessors) going to let go of control over the judiciary and deliver what he believes in?  How can his power vertical operate without control of the judiciary?  He is not about to disassemble the power vertical he has just spent 2 years assembling that is for sure.

Action speaks much louder than words Mr President!

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