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It’s for charity mate! Ukrainian charity

December 13, 2011

Well amongst the many messages I get that I don’t publish in the comments section but reply to, amongst the myriad of questions and fairly frequently, I am asked about charities and NGOs and making a difference in Ukraine.

Now I have written fairly often about NGOs, some may feel quite negatively, others who live amongst the policy making tier  of society have stated quite realistically.  (To see all I have written on NGOs, simply put NGO in the search facility of the blog to save me linking numerous previous posts.)

I have written far less about charities and charity work in Ukraine.

Now my good lady has a particular soft spot for a specific disability charity in Odessa, a daily reader has the same soft underbelly for a particular orphanage, but I am not writing to promote them directly.  When it comes to charities, the vast majority of people have their “compassion button” more easily pressed by certain issues than others.  A good thing for the great spectrum of charitable interests that exist.

It is however, not as easy as you may think to find details of particular charities in Ukraine.  Particularly if you are trying to insure they are registered charitable actors with the State.  (It is in fact not that difficult to register a charity in Ukraine but that does not mean it is always done despite all the best intentions.  There is also the issue of whether a charity is really a charity and not a con scheme should there be no registration.)

Anyway, out there in the twitter-sphere, where I debate the Ukrainian world in 140 characters or less with some very clever people, yesterday amongst some very learned and influential followers Caritas Ukraine has began to lurk.

Now I am not about to glorify anything remotely connected to the Holy See or Catholicism over and above any other charity in Ukraine, or recommend it as being more worthy of your time and interest than the disability charity my good lady supports or the orphanage a daily reader supports.  As I have already said, some charities press the “compassion button” more easily than others.  What can be said is that Caritas Ukraine is far more national in its coverage than many and also more diverse in its areas of interest.

I would also add that Caritas has not asked for any promotion from me.  I deliberately keep this particular blog free from advertising, commercial interest.  The shameless whoring of myself to the pay per click, banners, pay per purchase etc income models on the Internet happen elsewhere.

Anyway, Caritas is an option to look at prior to writing to me about worthy charities in Odessa or Ukraine……particularly when feeling generous at Christmas:

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