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The early political demise of the Odessa Mayor seems a certainty

December 11, 2011

Well dear readers, as you are aware, on 6th December I wrote this relating to the rumoured immediate departure of the current Odessa Mayor, stating that although I normally refrain from rumour mongering, the source was a very good one.

Fortunately it looks as though my judgement was good when deciding to write about it.  As you will see here in an article from The Day published two days after my blog entry.

The question seems to be whether it will be Serhii Kivalov, a man who I know very well and see quite often, or Serhii Hrynevetsky, a man who I barely know, that will become the next Mayor.

To be honest, there are not really any other realistic candidates unless the ex-Mayor, Edward Guvitz was to run again which is highly unlikely (although a shame as I got along very well with him) as Odessa would not vote in an “outsider” from a different city.  Parachuting in a politico from further afield would simply result in failure at an election.

We will see what happens in the near future and who will pick up the poisoned challis that is Odessa City Hall.

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