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Mayor Kostusev or ex-Mayor Kostusev, that is the question!

December 6, 2011

Rumours abound in Odessa that the current Mayor, Oleksiy Kostusev is no longer Mayor.  Rumour has it that he resigned on Friday night.  A most unusual thing if true having only successfully become Mayor at the third attempt.

He has had several problems to deal with amongst his own administration it has to be said.  3 top appointed Deputy Mayors, hand picked by him have come under investigation for corruption within the last few months, not to mention some rather mean-spirited if not quite illegal land deals for friends occurring via little known (but existing) laws.

It maybe with so many issues mounting, he has been encouraged by his fellow PoR people from upon high to resign but he is not really that kind of a man to so easily acquiesce.  In fact, one of his few good leadership qualities is a robust determination.

It maybe that he is also about to be investigated for corruption of course.  It is highly unlikely his hand picked Deputies were on the take without his knowledge.  Quite possibly resignation is the price for no further action against him, but that would be pure speculation and maybe even besmirching his character.  It is all, as I say rumour which as of the time of writing this post, has not been confirmed by anybody directly.

City Hall are claiming to have no knowledge of his resignation on Friday, stating they could neither confirm or deny it as they have had no official report of the Mayor’s resignation.

Rumour also now has it that Mr Kostusev is now currently hospitalised and in intensive care.  This would of course explain any absence from City Hall and possibly the confusion over whether he remains (or not) the Odessa Mayor.

Cynics will undoubtedly point to the fact that almost everytime a Ukrainian politicians is caught doing something nefarious and about to be, are currently being, or have been dealt with by the law, they suddenly and mysteriously become incredibly ill.  Recent Ukrainian political history is indeed replete with such instances of fained illness to avoid or delay being held accountable.

Again this may or may not be the case with regards to Mr Kostusev.  The rumours may very well be completely unfounded over both resignation and health issues given his unpopularity amongst the populous.  They may well be circulating in hope rather than from a factual foundation.

It is quite rare, in fact almost never, that I write anything based upon rumour, however the rumour has reached me from a usually very reliable source who certainly knows the current (or not) Mayor personally.  A caveat to that is that this source has relayed this information to me having heard it from another and not from speaking with Mr Kostusev himself.

We will undoubtedly see how this unfolds over the next few days and discover just how much truth, if any, there is in the rumours.

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