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The Weidenfeld Scholarships

November 22, 2011

Not so very long ago I did a post drawing the attention of my local readership to the Chevening Scholarships.  A reminder now that 16 December fast approaches if you intend to apply.

It received a huge readership and is indeed a statistical blip amongst the usually fairly constant numbers of readers.

You may recall, in a post earlier in the year, I mentioned my cousin had left Strathclyde University to take up a position on the staff at Oxford University.  To say I am rather envious regarding the access to such wonderful libraries is an understatement.  To say I am not envious of the daily fight with his car to the University would also be fair comment.

Anyway, Matthew (my cousin) has brought to my attention the Weidenfeld Scholarships at Oxford University.  This scholarship is particularly focused at Eastern Europe and Eurasia.  That means the majority of you people, my dear readers!

Unfortunately I am simply too stupid to be part of the much revered and wonderful alumni of Oxford University.  I hail from lesser seats of learning in the hierarchy of academic prowess.  That is not to say my alumni is too shabby, it isn’t, but it is not Oxford or Cambridge.

Oxford though, remains my second favourite city in the UK after my home city (despite having to “park and ride” if you go by car due to a serious lack of parking in the city.)  I need no excuse to visit it despite the fact I am expected for tea and scones by the enlightened Charles Crawford next time I am in the UK (assuming he is not on active duty with ADRg Ambassadors) as well as being expected by my cousin and his family.

Oxford City Crier with "She That Must be Obeyed"

As you can see, my good woman also enjoys Oxford despite being out-dressed by the Oxford City Crier.  (That said she also likes Winchester equally as much.)

So dear readers, please contemplate my humble advice to seriously consider The Weidenfeld Scholarships if you meet the criteria for application.  Not only does being a member of the Oxford University alumni open doors that are otherwise more difficult to open, but as a city, it is a wonderful place to be.

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