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Free land in Odessa…..if the force is with you

November 21, 2011

Well here is a story I have been meaning to comment upon for the past few days, and indeed I have in other parts of cyberspace, but due to pipelines and electoral law changes, it has been kicked down the list of things to comment about until today.

Our dear Mayor, presiding over the most openly scandal prone and nefarious administration in Odessa since I have lived here, used a little known law to grant people known to the administration 1000 square meters of land for free.  This land happens to be in the Otrada area of Odessa which is extremely nice.  In fact Otrada is my favourite beach in Odessa.

Unfortunately and as is happening all to frequently for an administration so poor at hiding its nefarious acts, (unlike the previous one which at least had the good sense to hide what it was doing very well,) the use of this little known law made it to the media.

Yes there is indeed a law that grants every Ukrainian citizen 1000 square meters of land for free if they apply for it.  Of course you need to know which law it is to apply.  Well for all my Ukrainian readers, Statute 40 of law 2949 is what you are looking for.

Anyway, this gaining of free land in a very much sought after part of Odessa could not be ignored once it hit the press so who else but Lord Vader himself to enter the darkest part of a rival evil emipre,  the Mordor Odessa administration and seek out his own free 1000 square meters of land?

As you can see, by the end of the video of his journey into Mordor Odessa City Hall, his application has been made and the force was indeed with him.  Somehow I doubt he will end up with land in Otrada though.

Anyway, it seems the City Administration is stating the allocation of land at Otrada to its friends was a mistake, although they haven’t yet allocated alternative, less valuable land to their friends.  These poor souls are still stuck with prime land in a prime location.

The good woman has decided that when she has time over the next few weeks, she is also going to try and apply for her free land.  I will let you know if she is successful.  If I don’t let you know, it is quite possible the local press will should she be refused.

Should I fear for my little hobbit as she takes on the full force of Sauron in the heart of Mordor?  I think not, for she too has friends who hold rings of power in Donetsk and Kyiv.

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