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Trading snubs Ukraine and the EU

November 18, 2011

Well unsurprisingly the EU and Ukraine have come to trading snubs over what is increasingly likely to be something of a failure at the next EU Ukraine summit where once there was hope of initialing the DCFTA and AA.

Sounds negative I know.  There is still some chance these agreements will be initialed but almost none that they will be ratified in the near future.

Whilst it is clear that Tymoshenko’s incarceration is the cause of the impasse, the cancellation of the Ukrainian President’s visit to Brussels a few weeks ago was widely seen as a snub, although to be honest the Ukrainian President had said if all that would be spoken about at the planned meeting was Tymoshenko, then there was not much point in him going which kind of forced the EU hand a little.

However, one or two EU diplomats are on record and stating canceling that trip was something of an own goal for the EU and an over reaction.  Quite possibly.  Such things are a judgement call.

Anyway, this week the President did have a meeting with the Polish and German Presidents relating to the DCFTA and AA and all things EU.  To return the earlier political snub by Brussels, he arrived 5 hours late, although the official line is his plane was delayed because of mist.

He didn’t stay long in Poland either as he was here in Odessa yesterday.

Chances of clearing the air before 19th December and the EU/Ukraine summit?  Extremely slim.  Both sides are undoubtedly clearing a space on the respective shelves for these agreements to gather dust.

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