Lonely Planet Guide recommends Ukraine

November 13, 2011

The Lonely Planet Guide, not unfamiliar to millions of travelers and would-be tourists has put Ukraine as joint 3rd in there list of nations they recommend visiting.

I am of course pleased to boast that my adoptive city of Odessa gets special mention.  Well is would.  It is a very nice city to live in by and large as it is just far enough away from Kyiv to be free from too much interference.  In fact I can be in Romania, Moldova or Turkey in the same amount of time it takes to get to Kyiv.

A note though to all those who would take notice of the Lonely Planet Guide, the best time to visit Odessa is between May and October when the weather is warm and the streets become a far more obvious cosmopolitan extension of the underlaying  vibe that runs through Odessa.

As the saying goes here, Ukraine is Ukraine, but Odessa is Odessa!

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