New criminal case against Tymoshenko – Right weapon and right ammunition this time?

October 14, 2011

Well, a few days into her 7 year stretch and the SBU has opened another case against Tymoshenko yesterday:

One assumes this is the $405 million that United Energy Systems still owes Russia from when she ran it and is entangled within the case of money laundering that got Lazerenko jailed in the US.  You will recall I blogged stating this would come and haunt her back in August.

In this instance it is a little more difficult to imply using the law to compensate for bad judgment over the gas deal with Russia. This time at least it is an out and out criminal investigation to which recently she did say money was owed publicly, but not to that figure as claimed by Russia.

Whereas the gas agreement with Russia is very easy to depict as a “political crime” as was the intent behind the Soviet law when written she was prosecuted under and thus not very European, fraud and theft are much harder frame as persecution, particularly when the case seems to be entwined with somebody found guilty of money laundering in a US court and jailed there.

In effect, politically, the trail at which she has recently been found guilty was the right gun with the wrong ammunition, this current investigation is the same gun and ammunition currently being used in France against an ex-President making it quite European and also contemporary.

So, possibly we will see her current conviction politically annulled by decriminalising the law she was found guilty under, allowed to run in the elections, whilst under investigation for a “crime crime” rather than a “political crime”, possibly get into the RADA to then have her immunity revoked by majority and jailed once again on more criticism-proof crimes.

Alternatively Ukrainian leadership may have decided “enough of the EU”, the Eurasian Union with Russia and others is probably better given EU membership is decades away anyway, if ever.  Personally I don’t think the current authorities have decided to do a U turn on the EU yet, but anything is possible.

Maybe the EU and Ukraine will pursue only the DCFTA and consign the AA to the shelf or even rubbish bin.

After all, there is a large number of UK citizens who would happily consign the EU to the rubbish bin and just agree on matters of trade and bilateral agreements, without a non-elected supra-structure interfering in the UK legal system and other organs of the State.

Would that be so bad?

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