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Odessa is 217 years old on 2nd September

August 31, 2011

Well dear readers, whilst Odessa is far older, on Friday 2nd September it was officially recognised as a city by Catherine the Great 217 years ago.

Needless to say there is the annual celebration and here is the itinerary for those interested.

I shall indeed make my way to the centre on Friday. Well why not? It is still hot, sunny and there are plenty of good restaurants to rest my weary bones at after perusing the events.

Apologies for the short posts of late, the boy has decided he wants to go to university at LSE in London and I have spent the past few days and a fair amount of money getting him into a top notch college in Moscow that will get him up to the required A Level equivalents and IELTS level English.

Family comes before your entertainment – Sorry!

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