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Independence Day # 20

August 24, 2011

Well as of today, Ukraine ceases to be the spotty juvenile delinquent and leaves its teens behind. Unfortunately like some teenagers it still has some issues with the rule of law and interaction with civil society. It did have a difficult and somewhat dysfunctional childhood in mitigation.

Certainly as many school reports have said of many adolescents pupils that have failed to live up to their potential, “could try harder”, “could do better” and many other relevant remarks from the teacher may well apply. In its late teens it can be said there was a stalling in its development far below that of which was expected.

Still, we all know of late developers who went on to become extraordinary successes despite the winding path they took to find themselves and reach their true potential.

So today I will be spending some time with some people who were in minions in the Kuchma RADA, the Yushenko/Tymoshenko RADA and one or two from the current Yanukovych/Azarov RADA as well as a few from Odessa Administrations past and present at a favourite restaurant eating and drinking to both the successes and failures of Ukraine thus far.

It is not any more special than the previous years when I have been with these people just because it is the 20th Anniversary of independence. Every year is special, particularly for such people who tried to keep Ukraine independent the best way they knew how. It is in effect no different to the annual old soldiers get together on Army Day or Victory Day and contains many of the same people at these unofficial gatherings.

The result will be the same as the Independence Day gatherings I have been to before however. Much talk of politics, reminiscing of times and decisions good and bad, plenty of food and more vodka than is necessary to make a battalion legless for a week.

For an almost tea-total Brit, this will be quite an undertaking as it is each year. Undoubtedly, despite trying to keep the British end up, I will come out of today extremely worse for wear, much to the angst of she that wears the trousers. If there is an entry tomorrow, I apologise in advance for content, grammar and even attempting to write anything whatsoever.

The one saving grace is that half the IPs that read this blog are Ukrainian and therefore quite likely to be in a similar state as I will be. Therefore, to them, it will not matter what I write at all. It may even make sense to those of a similar disposition.

Now, neatly pressed and groomed I shall sally forth and do my very best to return looking something similar to the way I left.

To all my Ukrainian readers I wish you a wonderful day of entertainment, reflection and ponderings for the future. Be assured that despite the wandering path taken thus far and all the mis-steps, Ukraine is doing OK. It is not Utopia but then, I have never lived anywhere that was. There are hurdles ahead but Ukraine will get to where it wants to go eventually. No nation ever evolved without problems and there is no standard speed .

Slava Ukraine.

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