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EU Parliament delegation to visit Ukraine – The point?

August 20, 2011

Apparently between 18 and 24th August an EU Parliamentary delegation visits Ukraine.  One can only assume it is made up of the 20% of EU parliamentarians who didn’t go on holiday for the month of August.

Still, that said, this EU delegation get to have a week in Yalta so whilst not sat around discussing the plight of Tymoshenko & Co., migration, organised crime, football, security, energy, DCFTA, AA, rule of law, media freedoms and all the other issues they will talk about but make no impact on, they can sit in the sun and enjoy the good weather and scenery of Yalta.

That sounds rather dismissive of me and I suppose it is.  The EU parliament is probably the most ineffective body in the EU when it comes to getting things done, even if it is the only democratically representative body in the EU.  Where the EU parliament does excel is not getting things done or stopping things happening if it has a say in the matter.  That is actually not as bad as it sounds.  It has successfully undermined various US/EC agreements over fairly important issues over personal data exchanges etc meaning individual sovereign constitutional courts didn’t have to bother doing it instead.

Apart from that however, it is hard to see many benefits to the EU parliament over and above a trip and balance on the occasions it is allowed to act as one (and a facade of democracy attached to the supra-structure of the EU itself).  It is therefore hard to see any benefit to this visiting delegation as far as Ukraine is concerned.  Positions, interests and needs of all sides are fairly well known.  A meeting in the beautiful setting of Yalta is not going to change the positions of anyone involved.  It is extremely unlikely that those attending will be able to change the positions of those they represent either.

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