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Using carrots and sticks

August 13, 2011

Now here is an interesting article in the EU Observer by a lady called Natalia Shapovalova from the EU think-tank Fride.

Whilst I may not agree with everything she has to say exactly, it would be mostly splitting hairs over the exact words used, the core message and strategy is one that I have suggested here for many months as historical posts will show.

Ergo, all regular readers will find nothing new in strategy of carrot and stick that she prescribes, to those strategies I have championed here for the best part of a year.

My argument, as is hers, is that the EU cannot employ carrots and sticks that is has yet to secure in its toolbox and there is way too much riding on the direction of Ukraine to pull back from the fray now prior to securing them.

Any vacancies at Fride I wonder?  I seem to be a good twelve months ahead of this particular article and advocating the same strategy.

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