Britian at its non-political best in Ukraine

June 26, 2011

It’s Sunday, and the summer sun has been temporarily replaced by rain, a not so glorious Odessa day and your author is going to get a few hours of rain, or maybe sun, as the day goes on.

I’m actually off out with the ball and chain on an exploratory shopping expedition in preparation for her birthday next month which means any rain or sun that will touch these tired old bones will be caught during fleeting moments in the streets of Odessa between shops.

Still, as I contemplate the costs associated with this event and the large dent it will inevitably but in the bank balance, here is a link to HM Ambassador to Ukraine, His Excellency Leigh Turner’s blog amply displaying UK charity involvement in Ukraine without any of those nasty HM Government political and diplomatic dilemmas and interventions.

(I must admit, Leigh looks to have caught the sun himself since I was last with him. Surely that didn’t happen on his recent holiday back in the UK. One can only suppose it has been sunny in Kyiv as well.)

Now I’m off shopping with the trouser-wearer. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death…….. (Psalm 23:4

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