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Last Tango in Odessa

June 18, 2011

Alas no Marlon Brando, no Maria Schneider or Catherine Breillat but then this is not The Last Tango in Paris, we are approaching the Last Tango in Odessa.

In fact, you will currently find far more Tango in Odessa than you ever did in the film based in Paris.

As the 13th annual Biker Rally comes to its usual crescendo of big motorcycles, pretty women and testosterone pumped posing men parading along the main Odessa streets in a few days, Tangoing Odessa is half way through its open Tango lessons for the public.

Free open air lessons to the masses have already occurred on 5th and 12th June at the fountain at Ac. Glushko Avenue and the fountain at Krymskaya Street respectively.

The 19th brings us to the penultimate free Tango class at Sobornaya Square with the finale of this third annual Odessa Tango-fest happening outside city hall at Dumskaya Square on the 25th June.

Tango outside City Hall

With a City Administration often accused of slight of hand, one wonders if they are equally as fleet of foot and will join in?

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