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Corruptio optimi pessima? Ad iudicium? – Oil rigs and opaque procurement

June 9, 2011

Now there is a little challenge for you dear readers. What does my shockingly poorly written Latin title mean?

No sadly, it doesn’t mean “Hello from Switzerland and this year’s annual Bilderberg meeting.” I assume my invitation has been lost by the Ukrainian postal service once again. Not even an email reminder!

So, to help you work out the title, here is a little on-going tale.

Not so very long ago, the ex-Prime Minister and government where involved in some actions and transactions that Kroll Inc highlighted to the present government as somewhat questionable and worthy of further investigation. Their work (with others) is the basis of many of the current investigations into the ex-Prime Minister and members of her government.

Fair enough. If you are told there is smoke billowing from a location you go and look to see if there is indeed a fire.

However, when you are provided with a fairly detailed location via the Kroll Inc report, including names, diagrams, organagrams, and an idiots guide to how it was all worked to allegedly assist directly and indirectly those with the purchasing power with the public purse, you would think that any of those implicated in the current investigations would be given a wide berth by the new authorities. To continue to involve them could possibly undermine your case. Ad iudicium!

However, it seems that certain parts of an allegedly corrupt web have been retained and are yet again involved in a somewhat opaque deal, this time involving the current government. Corruptio optimi pessima would seem to transcend all parties and parliamentarians regardless of party and continually involve the same external web.

For just over a week I have been watching the tale of an oil rig bought by the current Ukrainian authorities unfold. In a nutshell, the winning tender for the rig was $400 million but the seller ended up with $250 million. A cool $150 million somewhat unaccounted for, at least initially.

The subsequent response from the Energy ministry seems somewhat unsatisfactory to many. Amongst those many less than satisfied would seem to be the President and the SBU.

This story has yet to reach a conclusion but it really is one to follow. I will endeavor to keep you up updated.

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