Good times to bury bad news

June 2, 2011

My UK readers will remember a rather poor statement, albeit a true one, from Jo Moore, a Labour Party “spin doctor” who stated on the day of 9/11 that is was a “very good day to bury bad news” as far as the then government was concerned, thus encouraging whatever unpopular and bad results the government had, be released on that day knowing there would be hardly any mention of them in the media following the events unfolding in the USA.

She was eventually sacked, although not immediately. She was though, correct.

With the political holidays soon upon us in Ukraine, and with international pressure to speed up reforms whilst there is a reform minded government in situ, one has to suspect the same principle is about to apply.

Whilst there may not be events such as 9/11 to distract the public gaze, a month long holiday effectively closing off all political debate at government level, allows time for the mellowing and acceptance of what one has to expect is about to come.

Ukraine seems set to meet the IMF demands relating to Pension reforms, realistic gas and utility pricing and various other demands from the IMF just prior to the holidays in order to get the next tranche of IMF money.

Amendments to the law of Government Procurement will be made to appease the EU and IMF.

It may well be that the Tax Code is also amended and finalised before the holidays, allowing any protesters to protest outside an empty building, although I do expect some concessions from the government’s current stance.


In short, to follow the Jo Moore line of thought, as much bad and unpopular news will come out just prior to the month long holiday for the politicians.

To get as much as can be done, that will be unpopular but mostly necessary completed prior to the holiday, will mean there will be very little time for any new business or laws until September if not dealt with by July.

A summer of discontent? Unlikely, the sun is shining and many people soon go on their own holidays as well. Not really a time to gain maximum support to stand and chant outside an empty political building. When they return, all attention will be on the signing of the DCFTA and AA with the EU before the year end and the countdown to FIFA 2012.

As you can see, Jo Moore was right even though appearing rather callous.

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