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Just like British buses – it all comes at once this weekend

April 23, 2011

Well dear readers, as the British amongst you will know, when you are waiting for a bus it never arrives, but when you are not, 3 arrive at once.

So, I am casually reminded yesterday that today is indeed, the boy’s 16th birthday – but everything is taken care of.

Very good.  I hadn’t forgotten…..he hadn’t let me.

“And you know what the day after that is don’t you?” I am asked.

“Indeed I do – Easter Sunday” I reply.

“Yes it is” the good lady replied – “And what else?”

Now that got me.  The lad’s 16th on Saturday and Easter Sunday…..ticked in the memory to remember for the next 48 hours.  Somewhat grasping at straws and knowing it was probably not the right answer I say “The joys of your mother two days running?”

A very uncomfortable silence……underlining that the straw I had grasped at was indeed the wrong straw.

What did we do on 24th April?

Bugger! – Anniversary also lands on Easter Sunday.

I’m sorry to tell you dear readers that you will have to entertain yourselves this weekend as any opportunity to write anything worth your casual perusal just vanished.

Now I have to find a reason to tactfully disappear for a while on the lad’s 16th to go and buy something to save my skin the following day… Easter Egg will not be sufficient!

Wonderful creatures Ukrainian women… long as you keep them happy.

Forget our anniversary dear?

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