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Remember my Quo Vadis post from Oxford University?

April 14, 2011

Well dear readers, I am sure you remember my post in which I mention the gathering at St Anthony’s College, Oxford University?

Yes you do.

I suggested quo vadis was already pretty clear (and hopefully no overtures from Mr Putin’s visit yesterday will deviate the current President away from the path he made clear in his State of the Nation speech on 7 April towards the DCFTA with the EU.)

Fortunately the President’s speech that confirmed my sentiments with regards to the quo vadis question and did not make me look rather foolish…..and it can be quite foolish to try and predict Ukrainian politics and policies…..despite my fairly good track record of doing so.

Anyway, it seems there will be a second conference in Kyiv in December.  Having expressed my disappointment at not being at the Oxford gathering I really should make every effort to attend the Kyiv event.

Any of you dear readers interested should keep you eyes on The EU Ukraine Business Council website for any announcement confirming date and location in December, although I am not certain yet whether you will “need to know people” to be able to attend.

Given the good progress made at the last EU-Ukraine Summit in Brussels, maybe by December the question relating to quo vadis will have already been signed sealed and delivered.  One has to hope this will be the case as you can only wonder how long Ukraine will be able to withstand the pressure from the Russian Customs Union and $ billions of sweeteners being offered to join before its resolve weakens towards the EU DCFTA.

The rules of physics dictate that the EU block (27 nation) mass will not be as nimble or efficient as the Russian mass when it comes to achieving velocity.  Thus decisions are made fair quicker and more easily achieved in Russian led foreign policy than that of the EU as there as less people to contribute and disagree in any negotiation.

We can only trust the quo vadis question will be answered or all but answered by December…..and without undue interference……and a path that best suits Ukraine will be found.

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