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SEO and keywords – A sad relfection on Odessa or the people searching?

April 11, 2011

Well dear readers, amongst the ever growing amount of spam I get that never makes it to the comments section, recently there has been a lot of SEO companies and keyword companies trying to move me up the Google and Yahoo rankings.

As of this blog entry I have allowed only 322 comments since I created the blog……and rejected 5457!

There have also been a few suggestions I move the content to a PPC friendly platform……but I am too technically challenged to know how.

Anyway intrigued,  I thought I would do some investigation into what the biggest hitting search criteria for Odessa is.

So, here we are, in no particular order:

Odessa women, Odessa escorts, Odessa brides, Odessa dating, Odessa nightclubs, Odessa womens pics, Odessa apartments, Odessa, hotels, women in Odessa, Odessa agencies, Odessa marriage agencies, naked women Odessa, sexy Odessa women, Ukrainian women in Odessa, women in Odessa, hot Odessa women, beaches in Odessa.

Starting to see a familiar theme?

Much further down the top SEO and keyword lists are Odessa life, life in Odessa, politics in Odessa, tourism in Odessa, Odessa politics, Odessa restaurants, banking in Odessa, business in Odessa, visas for Odessa,  Odessa night life, Odessa clubs, Odessa universities, jobs in Odessa, employment in Odessa, Consuls in Odessa and other everyday necessities such as bus, train and plane times in Odessa.

So the question is, who is to blame for the search parameter popularity and obvious bias?  Is it Odessa or is it those who still believe that the women of Odessa religiously follow the Domostroy doctrine and will provide foreign men with all of the mythical traditional family values they think exist in modern Ukrainian women?

Sometimes I wonder about some of you people…… I really do!


It was only Monday but already we probably have quote of the week!

April 11, 2011

Well dear readers, diplomacy, negotiation and strategic maneuvering comes in many forms and often in private.  Carrots and sticks and all that.

Sometimes though it is blunt.  The highlighting is my own:

Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych has demanded that the heads of the state administrations of the western regions of Ukraine report on the use of the money provided for dealing with the aftermath of natural calamities in the previous years.

“I am telling you, dear colleagues, I have not received from you a definitive response as to where the money provided for dealing with the aftermath of natural calamities went. Have you found it? Have you returned this money to the budget?” Yanukovych told the Regional Committee for Economic Reform in Lviv on Monday.

Yanukovych called on the officials to return “at least some of the money,” adding that he has already issued appropriate instructions to the law enforcement agencies.

“You can’t steal like this,” the president said.

Yanukovych reiterated that he is not talking about party affiliations.

“Corruption has no party affiliation,” he said.


It would be funny if it wasn’t so endemically true.


Foreign and US reputations look set for collision in Ukrainian courts

April 11, 2011

Well dear readers, this is something of a filler post really as I await the EU assessment of Ukraine’s Energy Policy being published later in the week.

It is not often in Ukraine foreign corporate reputations collide but collisions seem guaranteed as Yulia Tymoshenko hires US law firm Covington & Burling to act as her defence lawyers in the case against her.  Lest we forget, the government case is based upon the findings of an audit carried out by Trout & Kacheris and Akin, Gump, Feld & Strauss with the assistance of the internationally renowned Kroll Inc.


How many times do US firms go head to head in a Ukrainian court…..particularly when the case is of such high profile and whatever the result somebody is going to cry “foul”?

Who is paying for Covington Burling?  They aren’t likely to be cheap and Ms Tymoshenko claims she earned the equivalent of  $30,000 last year as far as her disclosed income is concerned and it also claims she has no money in the bank.

Would Covington Burling put their reputation on the line to defend Ms Tymsohenko against evidence gathered by Trout & Kacheris and Akin, Gump, Feld & Strauss and Kroll Inc. for free?

Maybe they know that their client has the money to more than amply cover their costs, but that would acknowledge Ms Tymoshenko’s disclosed income statement as being false.  That is hardly a good start when defending somebody accused of misuse of funds.

Seems the circus is definitely coming to town.

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