EUR 70 Million to Ukraine for energy saving initiatives from the EU

April 9, 2011

Well dear readers, it seems the EU is prepared to give Ukraine EUR 70 million to promote energy efficiency and awareness in Ukraine (assuming it sorts out its procurement laws, to which this offer is tied)…..and quite rightly to.  Ukraine is one of the most wasteful nations I can think of after Russia when it comes to energy efficiency in  Europe.

Now in a country of 46 million people, EUR 70 million could of course be used to create and distribute an energy saving brochure with the “do’s and don’t’s” for every living human being here and still have a considerable amount of change left over.

It can be used for a television awareness campaign.

Or both.

But this is not where the energy efficiency and awareness problems are located in Ukraine.  Aside from the usual and expected culprits of the industrial steel, chemicals and agricultural producers (to name but a few grossly energy inefficient sectors) a major problem is with the construction companies in Ukraine and the building maintenance carried out by Zheks.

Domestic energy saving in Ukraine is quite simply non-existent and almost all the fault is with the people who build apartment blocks or houses and maintain them…..not those who live in them.

Without going into too much detail, as I will be writing an article on this very subject under my nom de plume for a Ukrainian magazine shortly (paid work is always welcome) there are significant issues with materials, insulation (wall, floor and roof), the actual positioning or radiators, radiator thermostatic controls, radiator isolation systems, the size of radiators for any given space, choosing the appropriate boiler for the size of the apartment (and the mathematics required), plastic verses metal piping,  condensing boilers……to name but a few issues that are completely ignored by Ukrainian builders, construction companies, plumbers, heating engineers, decorators and the regional Zhek’s nation wide.

If the Ukrainian government intends to educate the public about energy efficiency and savings it really needs to start with those who the public turn to when they want something doing – the construction industry itself.

Of course the government can legislate energy saving onto the construction methods in Ukraine……but it helps if they understand why those changes are made so they can explain to the public.

If they get this money I truly hope they will not just do the obvious……but will do what needs to be done…..and that as far as the domestic situation is concerned,  begins with the construction, maintenance and remont  industries here.

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