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A Speaker no more?

April 5, 2011

As Volodymyr  Lytvyn arrived in Serbia yesterday for two days of talks designed to bring Serbia and Ukraine closer together, you have to wonder whether he would actually prefer to stay there.

As Speaker of the RADA he does hold a high profile and fairly powerful position in Ukrainian politics, however as ex-President Kuchma’s right hand man during that administration, as I have said before, he must be wondering just when the axe will fall and he will also become subject of investigation into various nefarious matters during that time.

Certainly if an ex-President and ex Prime Minister (Ms Tymoshenko) have been perused by the PGO, a Speaker of the RADA is small-fry in comparison.

No sooner had Mr Lytvyn stepped on the plane to Serbia yesterday morning, rumours immediately reached my ears stating that Mr Lytvyn will not be the Speaker of the RADA at the next convocation.

The person telling me claim that ex-President Kravchuk has said so.  As ex-President Kravchuk is now very much back in the Ukrainian political mix having been appointed to run the newly created Constitutional Assembly, there is possibly some truth in this statement.

As being an ex-President or ex-Prime Minster does not prevent your alleged past misdeeds being investigated, being an ex-Speaker is certainly not going to save him.

One can only assume that this same rumour has reached the ears of Mr Lytvyn in Serbia already.  Whether it comes as news to him or whether he had already made the decision not to stand as Speaker is a different matter.

If it comes as news to him, one has to wonder whether an additional item on the agenda regarding asylum maybe quietly inserted whilst he is there.

After all, if the Rule of P is followed it would seem an opportune moment to test the political waters.

The Rule of P, for those who are unaware of it is quite simple – Planning and Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance!

If true, one has to wonder who has been lined up for the role.

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