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Russian movement in Moldova helping Ukraine?

April 1, 2011

Well dear readers, it seems Russia has taken a foreign policy initiative that may have profound effects on a region about an hours drive from where I live in Odessa.

Why is this move significant for Ukrainian EU aspirations?

The answer is that any Ukrainian EU ascension in the decades to come would effectively be an EU annexation of Moldova unless it was also well down that same road.  That would no doubt present a major political dilemma for the EU.

It seems however, Russia is clearing the way for Moldova to move along that road and thus removing a difficult issue for the EU relating to Ukrainian ascension at the same time.

Keep a close eye on the next 5+2 meeting!

Oh, and if this is the political pay-off to Germany from Russia for abstaining with the BRIC nations when not voting for the Libyan UN Resolution (and avoiding the usual UN polar political divisions),  in the long term it will be a price worth paying despite the ripples it currently is causing amongst its usual allies.

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