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Inverted Triangles – 100,000 police to go

February 23, 2011

Well dear readers, it seems that some inverted management triangles within the old structures are going to change.

As part of the current administrative reform, the Yanukovych administration will lay off 100,000 police officers, Yury Kazansky of the interior ministry personnel -AAA+
department said, speaking to journalists Feb. 22. -AAA+

Among others, 40 generals and 1,600 colonels are to be retired, Bahnet reports.

At present, the interior ministry strength is 295,000 officers. According to Interior Minister Mohyliov, the ministry structure resembles a triangle, with its top pointed to the bottom and a cumbersome red-tape apparat over it. The aim of the reform is to overturn the triangle, Kazansky said.

Of the 100 generals now serving in the ministry only 60 will remain.

The lay-offs will make it possible to raise the salaries of the remaining staff, Kazansky said.

If true and this does happen – bravo!!

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