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Putting your money where you mouth is

February 22, 2011

Well dear readers, in times where fiscal restraint is the policy of Europe but agreements are binding within the behemoth that is the EU, one has to wonder how events in North Africa are being fore-casted within the EU itself.

One of the major reasons for the EU interest in, at the very least, official association agreements with Moldova and Ukraine is border security and introducing a buffer zone between the EU proper and nations with a populous seeking to disappear within the EU.

It is hardly ever spoken of, trade, travel, law and almost any other issue is trumpeted by both sides, but protecting the EU nations from immigrants and asylum seekers is very much a huge part of the deal between the EU and Ukraine when association/partnership agreements get signed.

Tremendous progress has been made over the past few years by Ukraine and the EU towards the immigration/asylum issue as the asylum/immigration centres on the outskirts of Odessa prove…..being rather full.

However these centres were built with EU money, quite rightly as it is in the EU interest Ukraine helps defend the borders of Poland and Romania etc from illegal immigrants and asylum seekers.  You cannot claim asylum in the EU if you do not actually set foot in the EU.

One would expect that these immigration centres costs are probably covered by EU money either transparently or opaquely.

However, the situation in North Africa is changing, as 5000 illegals from Tunisia landing in a weekend in Italy displays, and the EU’s best friend in North Africa when it comes to stopping the tide of immigrants and asylum seekers, one Colonel Mummar al-Gaddafi, is currently suppressing quite brutally, protests aimed at changes in Libya.  Who knows if his regime will survive?

The EU pays Colonel Gaddafi to dissuade/stop/hinder illegals and asylum seekers leaving North Africa very, very well… doubt turning a blind eye to the methods used to do it.

However, there is only so much money in these times of austerity within the EU to deal with any specific problem in any specific area.

This being the case, will the money currently being spent and allocated towards the eastern European nations like Ukraine to protect the EU borders now need to be redirected towards the southern nations of the EU like Spain, France and Greece?

Will there be concessions made to Turkey and its EU progress to facilitate proactive assistance thus causing minimal budgetary costs to the EU and saving any EU funds being swallowed in the Greek fiscal vacuum?

Will the EU support Colonel Gaddafi regardless of his actions in Libya in an effort to continue to have his assistance with protecting the EU borders?

Will Ukrainian and Moldovan funding be moved from the eastern nations to the southern ones to fund defences against what is likely to be a small but significant exodus from North Africa during any power vacuums?

Is there room in the existing agreements for funding to allow that money to be redirected contractually?

When putting your money where your mouth is, does it pay to have 27 mouths, some facing east and others facing south?

It will be interesting to watch how the EU reacts to these events, and what effects, if any, there are on Ukraine.

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