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Mixed messages……or chrystal clear?

February 21, 2011

What is being said here?

We must unite. Our chance is the next parliamentary democratic election.”  Yulia Tymoshenko – Ukrainian Unity Day, January 2011.

“Batkivshyna party will never unite with other parties which call themselves opposition but in fact are controlled by the ruling Party of Regions (without specifying which exactly parties she was speaking about).  They are departments of the Party of Regions. Can we unite with the Party of Regions’ departments?” Yulia Tymoshenko – TBi channel 17 February 2011.

Why is she saying this?

Well because, as I have mentioned in previous blog entries in January, Front for Change Party (leader Arseniy Yatseniuk), the Civil Position Party, the European Party of Ukraine and the Sobor Republican Party (leader Anatoliy Matviyenko) had held talks on possible unification or the creation of a single opposition party……in fact the aforementioned EPU and SRP and have announced they will merge into one party already.

All the opposition parties are in merger talks except the ultra-nationalist Svoboda and Ms Tymoshenko’s Batkivshyna Party as neither have been invited.

Svoboda being politically slightly to the right of Nazism (and openly embracing it) is not really a political position held by all those in talks.

When it comes to the Batkivshyna Party there are several issues that present impasse towards any unity.

One, and very often overlooked by external armchair political commentators, is that all the opposition parties, aside from being in opposition, do not sit in the same part of the political spectrum ranging from “left to right”.

If I had to place the opposition parties on a “left of centre/right of centre” graphic, the majority would sit centre or right of centre.  Batkivshyna Party (and Ms Tymoshenko) I would put firmly on the “left of centre”.

Unity for the sake of simply having one thing in common, currently being in opposition, ceases to be unity should they win and the true political positions of parties then come to the fore and fight amongst themselves over governmental policy.

The other enormous hurdle is Ms Tymoshenko herself.  No other opposition party will want to be associated with her – period.

So what is the message Ms Tymoshenko is giving?

Answer – It’s all about her and the rest are fake?  It is a position that is wearing thin 1 year on from loosing power and having achieved exactly nothing as far as uniting the opposition is concerned, or holding the government to account on anything.

Vision, strategy, alternatives?  Come on  Batkivshyna, amongst your ever defecting MPs there are one or two very bright and capable politicians.  If you want a chance at remaining relevant, a leadership challenge now or defecting to Front for Change soon, are becoming your only viable options.

Ms Tymoshenko is assuming the leadership mantra within the Batkivshyna Party parallel to the leadership of Captain Ahab on the Pequod…….and we know how that ended.

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