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The EU, Miroslav Lajcak…..and a few positive statements

February 16, 2011

Well dear readers, it’s not often anything overly positive is said about Ukraine by the EU…….maybe because the Ukrainian opposition is officially aligned with the EPP who hold most seats in the EU parliament…….but I have taken a few quotes from the below link:

Eu Observer

He is yet to visit Ukraine and Russia in his new capacity. But he dismissed reports that Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych is taking the country backward in democratic terms.

“No. There is no reason to be concerned. There is a new current. But as far as the EU is concerned, we have our processes going on and we hope that all our programmes will continue,” he said. “Sure, it’s realistic,” he added, on the prospect of signing a deep free trade deal and a political Association Agreement later this year.

Asked if he believes the Russia-friendly Mr Yanukovych when he says that EU integration is his top priority, Mr Lajcak answered: “We have no reasons not to believe him. We are pleased that this is what he says – it’s the best thing for Ukraine.”

and just as importantly, for the locals in Odessa, is this perception:

On Ukraine, he noted that Mr Yanukovych has improved working conditions in Odessa, where EUbam has its base. “The new governor [Edward Matviychuk] is much better than [former president] Yushchenko’s man. He’s very open and he has started a serious anti-corruption drive,” Mr Burkholder, a veteran German police officer, noted.

We shall see.  It is certainly true Edward Matviychuk is never off the television here but being on television every day no more makes a regional Governor a good Governor than it made Victor Yushenko a good President or Yulia Tymoshenko a good Prime Minitser.

Deeds not only words will influence the jury.

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