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Bursting bubbles – A readers revenge

February 14, 2011

Dear readers, as always I appreciate your input to this blog, unless you are continually trying to spam the comments section, and I appreciate all the genuine comments and indeed emails that bypass the blog and come to me a different way.

Yesterday, I posted about Container Express Ltd getting £4.5 million worth of work from Ukraine and even though I knew suspected this UK company was at the very best “off-shoring” for certain interests here, I preferred to indulge myself that this was not yet another nefarious tender hiding under the flag of a UK Ltd company a genuine success for the UK.

Alas, one of my faithful flock, who knows a few things about bubbles, forever blowing them as a life long fan of West Ham, has taken it upon themselves to attempt to burst my Container Express Ltd bubble.

Imagine who hard it is now to continue to protect my blissful ignorance after receiving an email, the contents of which simply state:

There was a very loud security alert when clicking on to a Turkmen site but my MS Essentials cleared it up.

I reckon the UK company is used simply to launder funds.


This in itself puts huge pressure on the delicate diaphragm of my little ignorance bubble.  I duly clicked on the link and read the first words:

Company Profile:  Introduction – Transport and forwarding company. Our headquarter is in Moscow………..

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